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Business Loan

For your SME working capital for your business expansion, land purchase for factory or agricultural development or equipment leasing. PacTCapital financing is here to assist you.

Hire Purchase

Your vehicle or equipment financing is made easy. Therefore, we’ve put our best financing package for you.

Home Mortgage Loan

Whether it’s your first home, Expansion for your SME Industrial project  or property for agricultural development , with PacTCapital financing we help you grow.


Personal Financing

Get short term loans or transfer high-interest credit cards to Lower Interest loans hassle free, Fast Approval with No Guarantor, No Collaterals required

PacTCapital Loans

Ideal for purchasing, installing or modernizing business equipment and other fixed assets, term loans are cost-effective loans that can support your business growth plans. Flexible payment terms are available and you can choose either a fixed rate loan, allowing you to lock-in at a specific rate.


How can this help my business?

  • Loans to purchase new or used capital assets
  • Can be used to refinance an existing debt, business expansion or acquisitions
  • Flexible repayments when you need it

About our Fixed rate loans:

  • Start at $10,000
  • Stabilize your payment schedule by providing consistent payment amounts
  • Provide peace of mind by maintaining your loan carrying costs when interest rates rise
  • Offers an annual 10% prepayment privilege at no charge

About our variable rate loans:

  • Start at $5,000
  • Benefit from lower interest rates immediately when the prime rate changes
  • If interest rates rise, the loan can be converted to a fixed rate term loan
  • Make partial or full repayments to your loan without penalty

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