10169885PactCapital Long Term Loans

Our Long term loans apply to home mortgages, land and property purchases and Small and Medium Enterprise funding.

our plan gives you the flexibility of choosing from a wide range of different financing packages, depending on your financial needs. To ensure a comfortable monthly installment amount, we offer a long loan tenure of up to 35 years. Click the button below to view our rates and fees for long term loans.

PactCapital Long term Loan Fees

PactCapital Fees and Rates as Applies to
Home Mortgage and SME Funding Package

Processing Fee’

Term and Revolving Financing

·Upto RM I0 milion

·          RM10 million to RM20 million

·Above RM20 million




Amendment/ Variation of Facility Term & Condition’ RM500
Restructuring / Rescheduling of Facility1 RM200
Redemption Letter 1 Statement1 RM100
Letter of Support RM100 for each issuance
Brokerage Fee

(Charged by Bursa Suq AhSila’ (BSAS) and shared equally by the Bank and Customer)

RM15 per RM1,000,000 trade or proportionate thereof
Cancellation Fee1 0.25% of the facility limit upon cancellation of the Letter of Offer.
Bank Guarantee Fee

Issuance, renewal and amendments related to increase in amount and extension of expiry date/daim period

0.125% per month or minimum RM100 per month
Other amendments (Other than increase in amount and extension of expiry date/daim period) RM50 (SMEs)

RM100 (Large Enterprise)

Trade Finance Related

Issuance of Letter of Credit (LC)

0.15% per month or minimum RM100
Handling Fee (Handling negotiation and payment of LC) RM100
LC amendment (Extension of validity period or incremental value) 0.15% per month or minimum RM100
Other amendments to LC RM100
Issuance of Shipping Guarantee 0.20% on invoice value
SWIFT charges (For foreign and local correspondences) RM100
Charges in lieu of FOREX (Administrative cost for monitoring the rate, phone, fax and etc.) RM100
Banking Operations

Audit Confirmation (Account Statement)

RM50 (SMEs)

RM100 (Large Enterprise)

Telegraphic Transfer

RENTAS Fee Interbank Giro (IBG) for amount below than RM10,000



Stamp Duty RM10 per stamping (as per Stamp Duty Act)


i.   1Not applicable for Micro & SMEs categories under National SME Development Council (NSDC)

ii.   All the above Fees & Charges are exclusive of 6% Goods & Services Tax (GST)

PactCapital Hire Purchase Short Term Loans

We’ve put our Hire Purchase plan together see our rates and fees for hire purchase.

PactCapital Short Term Loan Fees

PactCapital List of hire purchase fees for purchase of new and reconditioned vehicles, used vehicles and after sales support services

New / Used and Reconditioned Vehicles

Revised Standard Direct Cost Charges/Fees (inclusive GST)
Photocopy charges RM10.60
Photography cost (for new reconditioned vehicles) RM10.60
Stamp Duty – without guarantor RM20.00
Stamp Duty – with guarantor RM60.00
e-Hakmilik charges RM3.18
Settlement with another finance company RM31.80
Inter-branch inspection (if required) – per inspection RM53.00
Non Home Branch Inspection Transport Charges RM10.60


After Sales Support Services

Service Charges/Fees (inclusive GST)
Retrieval Document

  • Within branchFrom
  • Offsite storage
Issuance Letter of Consent to JPJ on the change of vehicle engine RM53.00
Issuance of Letter to JPJ on interchange of registration number RM53.00
Photocopy of registration card RM10.60
Photocopy of Hire Purchase Agreement RM10.60
Renewal of Road tax RM10.60
Issuance of 2 Letter to Customs (at Port) and 1 letter to JPJ for transfer of vehicle/equipment to East Malaysia or vice versa as requested by Hirer (per transfer) RM21.20


  • The Bank will notify from time to time, for any change
  • The Malaysian Goods & Services Tax (GST) will be imposed on all fees/charges charged by the Bank where applicable effective 1 April 2015 at the current prevailing rate.


Chargeback Expenses For Recovery Activities

Starting April 1, 2015 the following charges incurred for recovery activities will include GST:

  • Mileage claim for site visit to trace the vehicle financed,
  • Cost incurred in taking possession of the goods,
  • Parking and toll charges

The charging of the cost will be done based on the radius :-

Radius (KM) Charges/Fees (inclusive GST)
Within 10 RM10.60
Within 30 RM21.20
Within 60 RM31.80
Within 90 RM42.40
More than 90 RM53.00


Cost of Redelivery and Disposal

Effective April 1 2015, the minimum amount of RM120.00 charged as Cost of Redelivery and Disposal for ALL vehicles that have been repossessed is revised to RM127.20 inclusive of GST. The breakdown of the cost is as follows:

Description/Services Charges/Fees (inclusive GST)
Photocopy Charges RM10.60
Courier, Fax and Telephone Charges RM10.60
Colour Photographs RM31.80
Transport Expenses for inspection of cars RM31.80
Handling fees RM31.80
Valuation fees RM10.60
Total RM127.20

The cost of redelivery and disposal is merely to cover abovementioned administration costs.