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PT CAPITAL SDN BHD was established in 2012, offers financial services that include hire purchase, industrial hire purchase, leasing and term-loan, primarily aimed at small and medium enterprises (SME). With a corporate identity that reflects attributes of strength and reliability, PT Capital Sdn Bhd’s business motto is to be able to continuously upgrade its business model. The focus is to be able to consistently provide comprehensive solutions to our clients at all time, our ability to find the best financing solutions and applications for our customers. Through our in-depth knowledge of the financial services sector as well as the SMEs financial requirement in Malaysia, PT Capital Sdn Bhd is able to offer alternate financing options that are efficient and cost-effective. Guided by the highest standards of ethics and integrity, PT Capital Sdn Bhd is committed to delivering our financial experience and expertise to our corporate clients and growing business communities.

We, at PacTCapital, strive to provide personalized services to all our clients. We are well focused in providing expert lending solutions that would cater to your needs, through our experienced team of professionals, the firm also has a tie-up/association with law firms and other professionals, with whom, it interacts regularly.  Thus, besides from sound financial  and compliance advice, the client also gets the benefit of sound legal and other professional advice, all under one roof.

Our innovative Long Term Loan financing product caters to both individuals and business communities. We provide both short to medium term financing solutions as working capital or for investment purposes.

We provide financing for various industrial sectors that include manufacturing, factoring, trading, agricultural and development finance business.

We also provide building credit business options for the purchase or refinancing of landed properties. As a niche landed property financier, we distinguish ourselves from the market by offering flexibility, creativeness and most importantly, speed in our financing process.

Diversified Client Base:

Our client base comprises of several of  Malaysia’s leading organizations in diverse fields ranging from manufacturing, trading, information technology, business process outsourcing, real estate, media and entertainment, banking and financial services, airlines and hotel industry. As a result, we have successfully developed a strong competitive presence in the financial sector.

Our Vision

To be a preferred regional financial service provider in Malaysia.

Our Mission Statement

Guided by the highest standards of ethics and integrity, with steadfast commitment and dynamic leadership, PT Capital Sdn Bhd serves customers and clients business’s grow by providing the best financial products.

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Our Products and Services

Business Loan

Weather it is for your SME working capital for your business expansion, land purchase for factory or agricultural development or equipment leasing. PacTCapital financing is here to assist you in meeting all your business financial needs.

Hire Purchase

Your vehicle or equipment financing is made easy. Therefore, we’ve put our best financing package for you.

Home Mortgage Loan

Whether it’s your first home or purchase for a second home, we at PacTCapital will help you acquire homes for your family or investment.

Personal Financing

Get short term loans or transfer high-interest credit cards to Lower Interest loans hassle free,

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  • No Guarantor
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